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» Headfirst for Halos
Тексты песен

Well let's go back to the middle of the day that starts it all
I can't begin to let you know just what I'm feeling
And now the red ones make me fly
And the blue ones help me fall
And I think I'll blow my brains against the ceiling
And as the fragments of my skull begin to fall
Fall on your tongue like pixie dust just think happy thoughts

8-05-2010, 19:46 |

» Skylines and Turnstiles
Тексты песен
You're not in this alone 
Let me break this awkward silence
Let me go, go on record
Be the first to say I'm sorry
Hear me out,
Well if you take me down
Or would you lay me out
And if the world needs something better
Let's give them one more reason now, now, now

We walk in single file
We light our rails and punch our time
Ride escalators colder than a cell

5-05-2010, 19:45 |

» Очертание крестов на небе (Skylines and Turnstiles)
Тексты песен
Ты в этом не одинока.
Позволь мне нарушить это неловкое молчание.
Можно я пойду на рекорд –
Первым попрошу прощения?
Выслушай меня внимательно,
Если хочешь отпустить
Или убей.
А если миру нужно что-то лучше,
Давай откроем ему ещё одну причину, прямо сейчас…

Мы сами по себе.
Мы освещаем себе путь и живём от звонка до звонка,
Разъезжая на эскалаторах, более холодных, чем тюремная камера.

5-05-2010, 19:44 |

» Early Sunsets Over Monroeville
Тексты песен
Late dawns and early sunsets, just like my favorite scenes
Then holding hands and life was perfect, just like up on the screen
And the whole time while always giving
Counting your face among the living

Up and down escalators, pennies and colder fountains
Elevators and half price sales, trapped in by all these mountains
Running away and hiding with you
I never thought they'd get me here
Not knowing you'd change from just one bite
I fought them all off just to hold you close and tight

5-05-2010, 19:43 |

» Ранние закаты над Монровиллеим (Early Sunsets Over Monroeville)
Тексты песен
Поздние восходы и ранние закаты, прямо как в моих любимых фильмах
После объятий жизнь казалась прекрасной как в кино
И я всегда ценил свою жизнь
Потому, что ты есть на этом свете

Вверх и вниз на эскалаторе, мелочь и холодные фонтаны
Лифты и распродажи, манящие горами вещей
Убегая и прячась с тобой
Я не ожидал, что они поймают меня здесь
Не зная, что ты изменилась от первой же мелочи
Я прогнал их всех просто, чтобы прижаться к тебе

5-05-2010, 19:42 |

» Demolition Lovers
Тексты песен
Hand in mine, into your icy blues
And then I'd say to you we could take to the highway
With this trunk of ammunition too
I'd end my days with you in a hail of bullets

I'm trying, I'm trying
To let you know just how much you mean to me
And after all the things we put each other through and

I would drive on to the end with you
A liquor store or two keeps the gas tank full

And I feel like there's nothing left to do
But prove myself to you and we'll keep it running

5-05-2010, 19:41 |

» You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison
Тексты песен
In the middle of a gun fight
In the center of a restaurant
They say, «come with your arms raised high!»

Well they’re never gonna get me
Like a bullet through a flock of doves
To wage this war against your faith in me,
Your life will never be the same
On your mother’s eyes say a prayer
Say a prayer

28-10-2009, 00:44 |

» Famous Last Words
Тексты песен
ow I know
That I can’t make you stay
But where’s your heart?
But where’s your heart?
But where’s your…

And I know
There’s nothing I can say
To change that part
To change that part
To change…

28-10-2009, 00:43 |

» All I Want For Christmas Is You
Тексты песен
I don’t want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
I don’t care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree
I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
Baby all I want for Christmas is you

19-10-2009, 00:42 |

» Teenagers
Тексты песен
They’re gonna clean up your looks
With all the lies in the books
To make a citizen out of you
Because they sleep with a gun
And keep an eye on you, son
So they can watch all the things you do

19-10-2009, 00:41 |

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